Starring: Ryan Merriman, Alexis Lopez, Timothy Omundson
Original Airdate: 2001
Type: Adventure/Family

Nothing like a couple of guys with Irish accents to make me giddy.

Or Scottish accents.

Or New Zealand accents.

Okay, so accents from places other than here. Right.

And then there's Ryan Merriman, who I've had a crush on since I was 16. Not that he's why I taped this movie. Except he is. But whatever, I'm reviewing it because St. Patrick's Day is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about a movie that features an insane amount of Irishness?

Ryan Merriman stars as Kyle, a boy who has the best luck of anyone he knows. Thanks to a gold coin he's worn around his neck since birth, he's great at everything. But Kyle is not all happiness & sunshine these days, because his school is having a Heritage Day, and Kyle doesn't know where his ancestors came from. His parents are oddly evasive, telling him they're simply "American." After discovering that the image on his coin is Irish, Kyle and his friend visit an Irish festival. Kyle finds himself drawn to the music, but there are some strange, strange people there.

The day after going to the festival, Kyle's luck goes from good to downright horrible. He soon realizes that the coin around his neck isn't his -- it was switched for a fake, and he's pretty sure it happened at the Irish festival. He goes home to tell his parents about the theft, and discovers that his mom has shrunk.

Because she is a leprechaun.

...It gets weirder...

So because Mom's a leprechaun, Kyle is half leprechaun. And he's beginning to shrink, too. And his hair's turning red and his ears are getting pointy. It's all happening because the luck of their clan (the gold coin) has been stolen. Kyle and his family realize it's been stolen by one of the clan's enemies, who was at the Irish festival.

Now Kyle and his family (including, now, his grandfather -- also a leprechaun) and friends are on a quest to get that gold coin back. Which they do -- but not before Kyle learns a valuable lesson -- that luck comes from the inside and that sometimes working for something you want instead of just "getting" it can be very rewarding.

Best of all, Kyle now knows he's part Irish. He does an Irish dance at the Heritage Day talent show. Mmmhmmm. Gorgeous. Hey, leave me alone, at least he's legal now. Oh... and married. Well, crap.